What is LY?

Leo Yuen, a student study BA (Hons) in Interactive Media in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He was graduated from Hong Kong Design Institute (Higher Diploma in Creative Media – Interactive Design Stream) since June 2015.

He specializes in programming and designing. He like design graphics but he has a better ability in design programs. He likes to make PC and web games among friends. Besides making his work, Leo Yuen like to plan his trip, his project and otherelse. His career goal is to be a successful programmer and designer in multimedia industry.

To know him more, check out his work and then you find out the style of LY.


Handy Design Box


August 2014 ~ January 2015

This application is created when I start to have an interest into design something. I think there should be some application to help us design. There are three functions in Handy Design Box: Font Compare Viewer, Scaling & Proportion and Colour Viewer (Windows Only).

Man To Run

PC Games

March 2017 ~ April 2017

Nowadays, more and more bad behaviour appear in MTR. You are reporter, your boss ask you to take some photos about the bad behaviour of mainlander for the report. On the other hand, the MTR staff notice your action of taking photos and trying to catch you. So your mission is to take the photos and escape from the MTR station. If you cannot finish the mission, you will be unemployed. Player need to enter the MTR podium and platform, take photos of passenger’s bad behavior and escape successfully.

Mr. Gamer

Smartphone App & Smart Glass App

September 2016 ~ December 2016

“Mr. Gamer” is a management system for Volunteer work. “Mr. Gamer” include tablet and smart glass. Regarding the tablet app, it helps organiser to organise an outdoor activity among children. The group leader can also use this system to play the mission provided by organise with children. On the other hand, the smart glass is for the group leader to facilitate the activity progress. In conclusion, the whole system will enhance the efficiently during an outdoor activity with entertainment element.

Dear Human

Interactive Installation

May 2014 ~ May 2015

Inspired by the cruelty in intensive farming of animals, the aim of this installation is to remind people of the story behind their food. Even if you did not kill the animal, eating is just same as killing them.

Mouse Recorder

Data Visualisation

December 2015

In 21 century, we almost use computer everyday. Mouse is one of the most importance device when we use computer. At this moment, I am interested at recording my mouse position. So I created a small program to record my mouse and generate a vector grpaphic at the same time. In order to see what the grpahic look like.


Data Visualisation

July 2014

There is a distance between my home and school. So there have several way for me from my home to school. Someone said go some new way could make some idea easily, so in these months, I try to travel different way to school. Recently I try to record all the routes I used, and then created an infographic for me. According to the record, I had used 17 different routes to school.

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